Mrs. Davidson


Greetings! Sharing just a little bit about me...

Having earned my bachelor’s degree in English education at Pittsburg State University and my master’s degree in English at Wichita State University, I have been teaching high school English, college composition, speech (forensics), and drama for twenty-five years.  Throughout these years, I have increased my inclusion of technology with lessons and activities, which is quickly becoming the 21st style of learning.

Understandably, my favorite hobby/activity is reading, but I also enjoy gardening and watching historical documentaries (since I’m somewhat of a history buff).  My favorite authors range from Agatha Christie to Jane Austen, and I just love Mr. Will Shakespeare!

I hold high standards for myself and my students, but I’m also flexible. One of my catch phrases is “life happens!”  A strong believer in communication, I am willing to work with students who keep me informed about their situations, as long as that willingness to be flexible isn’t abused.  Otherwise, we should be able to develop a positive learning and working relationship.