HS Basketball - Boys
Head Coach: 
John Mayes  620-782-3623
Assistant Coach: Cale Warden  

2018/19 Schedule/Results:

(F) 11/30/2018            @ South Haven        
                                    Junior Varsity loses to South Haven      
                                    Varsity defeats South Haven- 81-53

(T) 12/4/2018               Udall Don Braddy Tournament   
                                     Varsity defeats Oxford- 46-41   

(F) 12/7/2018               Udall Don Braddy Tournament 
                                     Junior Varsity loses to Attica
                                     Varsity loses to Attica- 51-71     

(S) 12/8/2018               Udall Don Braddy Tournament   
                                     Junior Varsity loses to Cedar Vale/Dexter
                                     Varsity loses to Cedar Vale/Dexter- 38-54   

(T) 12/11/2018             vs. Norwich    
                                     Junior Varsity ties Norwich
                                     Varsity defeats Norwich- 38-23                        

(F) 12/14/2018             @ Cunningham            
                                     Junior Varsity defeats Cunningham        
                                     Varsity defeats Cunningham, 84-26               

(TH) 12/20/2018           vs. Pretty Prairie        
                                     Junior Varsity loses to Pretty Prairie
                                     Varsity defeats Pretty Prairie- 56-29             

 (F) 1/4/2019                @ Central (Burden)         
                                     Junior Varsity loses to Central
                                     Varsity defeats Central- 48-35            

*(T) 1/8/2019                vs. West Elk 
                                     Junior Varsity loses to West Elk   
                                     Varsity loses to West Elk- 59-64 in overtime 

*(F) 1/11/2019              @ Argonia         
                                     Junior Varsity loses Argonia
                                     Varsity defeats Argonia, 63-33                            

1/12-1/19/2019             SCBL Tournament   
(M) 1/14 @ Udall         Junior Varsity boys defeat South Haven
                                     Varsity defeats South Haven, 73-50 

(TH) 1/17 @ Udall        Varsity loses to CV/Dexter, 32-54   
(F) 1/18 @ CCCC        Varsity defeats West Elk, 55-46                          

*(F) 1/25/2019              vs. Central
                                     Junior Varsity loses to Central
                                     Varsity loses to Central, 37-47                         

*(T) 1/29/2019              vs. Oxford 
                                     Junior Varsity defeats Oxford 
                                     Varsity defeats Oxford, 52-35

*(F) 2/1/2019                @ Sedan                 
                                     Junior Varsity loses to Sedan        
                                     Varsity loses to Sedan, 50-65             

*(T) 2/5/2019                vs. South Haven         
                                     Junior Varsity loses to South Haven
                                     Varsity defeats South Haven, 64-58              

*(F) 2/8/2019                @ Cedar Vale/Dexter- Dexter        
                                     Junior Varsity loses to Cedar Vale/Dexter
                                     Varsity loses to Cedar Vale/Dexter, 33-53    

*(T) 2/12/2019              @ Caldwell                 
                                     Junior Varsity loses to Caldwell
                                     Varsity loses to Caldwell, 35-68                       

*(F) 2/15/2019              @ Flinthills (Rosalia)              
                                     Junior Varsity loses to Flinthills    
                                     Varsity defeats Flinthills, 64-43             

2/18-2/23/2019             Regionals                       
                                     Varsity defeats Oxford, 48-44 @ Udall
                                     Varsity loses to Classical School, 41-53 @ Argonia               

2/25-3/2/2019               Sub-State                                        

3/6-3/9/2019                 State @ Dodge City