HS Drama

Udall HS Drama Produces 

This spring the Udall drama department will present a mystery written by Thomas Hischak, by special arrangement with Pioneer Drama Service, Inc.   

What could be more harmless than a ladies’ garden club in a small English village?  That’s what they thought in sleepy, uneventful St. Basil-on-Green, until one day the richest lady in town is mysteriously murdered during a club meeting!  As the police come onto the scene, we realize that this is more than a mere garden club and that more is at stake than begonias.  And who among these harmless ladies would be capable of murder?  The gripping ending reveals all, with plenty of chills, laughs, and poignant moments throughout the production.  

Enjoy this new mystery on Friday, 17 March 2017, at 7 pm, or on Saturday, 18 March, at 7 pm, in our brand new auditorium!!  

Admission for the play is at the door and is as follows: Adults=$5, students=$3, and no charge for children under 5 (unless they plan to use a seat).  Refreshments will be served for an extra fee, compliments of Marsha Slack and the FCCLA.

We look forward to seeing you there!!
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