Ms. O'Bryan


Ms. O'Bryan


Hello and welcome! This will be my second year teaching at Udall HS/MS. I will be teaching 8th, 9th, and 12th grade English as well as the reading/writing lab. I grew up in Burden and have many fond memories of living there and playing against Udall in sports. I have a degree from Wichita State in English, and I am currently attending WSU to get my masters in teaching.

I am absolutely blown away by the beautiful school you have here at Udall. Additionally, you have a great group of teachers, faculty, and administrators who truly care and are here to support you in whatever you do. I am proud to be included in their ranks! 

If there is one message I could get out to students in my classes it would be that there is nothing mysterious about writing and reading effectively. I hope to prove this to you. Never be afraid to shut off your internal critic and take a chance! 

Finally, parents may want to check out my letter addressed to them in the "Useful Links" section of this webpage. In the letter, I discuss student reading choices and the fact that I will not (for the most part!) censor their child's reading. With such a wide variety of popular young adult literature on the market today, it is almost impossible to know the contents of all books and what kind of influence a particular text has on each unique child. Instead, I encourage discussion. It is my goal to discuss the contents of independent reading books with each child and their thoughts about these books. I encourage parents to do so as well. 

Here's to a fantastic year at Udall!