USD 463 Parents and Patrons,

I am reaching out to you today to share as much information as I can related to the two executive orders issued by Governor Kelly.  Governor Kelly issued Executive Orders 20-58 and 20-59.

Executive Order 20-58 dealt with delaying the opening of schools until September 9, 2020.  In order for this to be put in place recent legislation requires the Kansas State Board of Education to approve any orders that deal with the opening and closing of school districts.  Wednesday morning, by a vote of 5-5, Executive Order 20-58 FAILED for a lack of a majority vote.  It is my understanding since a majority was not reached that decision reverts back to our local board of education.  Currently, our board approved calendar have teachers returning on August 10th and students on August 13th.  The board will discuss whether or not to alter this calendar next Tuesday at a special board meeting.

Executive Order 20-59 has been at the center of many discussions and social media platforms.  Executive Order 20-59 is the requirement of students to wear masks in school. Udall Schools will follow Executive Order 20-59 as mandated by the Governor.   Our planning committee is looking at ways to keep students safe, follow mandates, and educate students of USD 463.

  1.  Udall Schools will offer the traditional school day for students/families that want to attend in person as allowed by the governing authorities.
  2. Each class will be offered by interactive distance learning for those students/families that wish not to attend physically in the classroom.

I would like to stress that these options have not been board approved.

 Udall Schools have taken additional precautions to help meet these challenges head on.  Hand sanitizers and cleaning supplies are available in each classroom.  Water bottle refill stations have been ordered and will be installed throughout the both buildings. Touchless thermometers have been ordered and will be used on every person that enters the building.  Our maintenance staff have been updated and trained in proper sanitizing methods.  These are a few areas that have been addressed and many are still in the planning stages.  The final plan will be completed and presented to the board for approval at the August meeting.

 I feel we are entering some defining times in education and especially in rural Kansas communities.  Rural communities are strong and rally together in times of need.  I experienced this yet again last spring.  My first hand experiences of kindness and support will be something that I  hold close and will always remember .  I will continue to be an advocate for our school and students.  I ask for your support and patience once again as we are asking teachers, students, parents, and administrators to travel down a path that is not the norm.  We all have common goals of keeping everyone safe and educate our students, your children, to the best possible outcome.  Use these challenges that we face as an opportunity to come together and create a stronger version of ourselves and community.  Thank you for your time and support of Udall Schools.


Dale Adams

USD 463 Superintendent/MS/HS Principal