KSDE Response to Critical Race Theory Claims

The subject of critical race theory is currently dominating media headlines and daily

conversations for many. Just as we teach our Kansas students to be judicious
consumers of information, we encourage all Kansans to educate themselves on
what critical race theory (CRT) is and what it isn’t.
Critical race theory is an advanced and complex concept with roots extending to
the 1970s and the examination of how laws and systems promote inequality. CRT is
not new. It has existed with little fanfare for more than 40 years.
Unfortunately, there are some who are conflating CRT with educational equity.
These concepts and practices are not interchangeable. Educational equity refers to
federal and state policies and requirements for measuring achievement, fairness
and opportunity in education.
Critical race theory is not a part of Kansas’ academic standards and has never been
a part of Kansas’ academic standards. We encourage everyone to review these
This is not the time to pull focus away from the critical task at hand of addressing
the immediate needs of our students created by the COVID-19 pandemic. Now
more than ever, our students and educators need the public’s focused support as
they work to address unfinished learning and rebuild lost social-emotional
As the Kansas State Board of Education, we fully support and affirm that our schools
are a place of trusted learning. We are confident in the work of Kansas schools, local
boards of education and communities to deliver the very best education for each
student to be a successful citizen.