Udall USD 463 Opening Guidelines

Udall USD 463


Updated 8/10/2021

USD 463 is closely monitoring the increase of COVID 19 cases, both locally and statewide.  This increase is causing concern for schools with the start date right around the corner.  At this time, the school will remain with a mask optional policy as school begins.  Parents and Students need to understand that if there is an increase in our community, students, staff, or a public order, the mask policy could change and mask could become mandatory.

Currently, the Federal Government has mandated all students riding in school vehicles to and from school or to school events are required to wear a mask while in the vehicle.  This requirement is mandated through the public transportation order.

It appears that this will most likely be an ever-evolving situation throughout the school year.  Much like last year, things could change quickly and extensively.  This would cause daily procedures and policies to also change to fit the current situation.  The Board, Administration and Staff feel it is extremely important that students are able to stay in school this school year.  This goal drives any change in procedures or policies made by USD 463 throughout this school year.  These changes will be communicated via the website, Facebook, text, and other sources as they are made.