National Anti-Bullying Week

October 6th-10th is National Anti-Bullying Week and Udall schools will be participating with activities on each day.  Statistics show 71% of students nationwide report being bullied at school.  We hope to raise awareness with our students and encourage them to not participate in bullying or be a bystander to abuse.  On Monday we will have discussions about bullying, and the rest of the week students will be asked to do the following:

Tuesday:  "Sweats Day"  It is no sweat to be a friend to someone.  Wear your favorite school appropriate sweats.
Wednesday:  "Blue Day and Boots Day"  Blue is the color supporting a safe and bully free school and the boots represent stomping out bullying.  Wear blue clothing and boots.
Thursday:  "Team Sports Day" Team up for supporting kindness and respect along with sportsmanship throughout our school. Wear your favorite team logo.
Friday:  "Black and Red Day"  Red means stop abusive behavior and black signifies to black out bullying.  Wear your favorite hat and clothing in these colors.

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